When I was asked by a dear friend to photograph a very important women in her life,  I was happy to get my camera back out after a restful period.  I was expecting to feel a little rusty and awkard after such a long pause but when I saw Kerry I was in love and couldn’t get enough of her.  She is a photo queen — the camera LOVES her and I was full of love for her too.  I am so honored and thankful to be a part of this documented day and if only my soul had the right words to say how meaningful this shoot was for me — and I believe also to all of these ladies.  You are beautiful in and out Kerry — thank you. xoxox


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Quick Family Shoot in Mill Valley

I must say, I am into the quick shoots these days.  Is it ok to call them a “Quickie”?  Usually all I need is about 20/30 minutes to get the shot.  I work fast and with many years of experience, I know what works and what doesn’t.  Thank you for letting me come and getting these quick but beautiful photographs of your amazing family.  Lots of love you !  xoxo-RAH

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my friend jude and company

Notice the tall handsome boy with the glasses?  He is  a good friend of mine.  We have been friends since I nanny-ed for him when he was about the age of his little sister.  WOW!!! That seems like so very long ago and yet yesterday.  I love catching up with him, he is such an incredible, well-mannered, sweet, intelligent, great soccer playing boy.  I am lucky to have his as a friend.  And his lovely parents and sister too!  I love you all!!!xo

ps.  This is the shoot that my car battery died on the Mountain and I was forced to sit and watch the light and fog and rain blow in and out for an hour.  It was truly magaical!!  Thank you Z for waiting with me for the AAA guy – I owe you one.

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beautiful beck at the beach

Ohhh my my, this little one is a favorite of mine.  I love photographing this family and my friend

Beck is a BLAST.  It is fun just to run around with a camera snapping and capturing whatever happens… I feel so lucky to do what I do with the wonderful people I get to photograph. I also must admit that it is a little punk rock to shoot right at 11 o’clock am on the beach without shade.  I did find a tiny bit near the breaker wall == Woohoo!

enjoy – xo

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the ceremony // bat mitzvah

As you probably know, or maybe not…. I have much mad love for traditions and ceremonies.  Leaves no wonder why I love the beautiful ritual and ceremony of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah so much.  I love that the kids take so much time and effort out of their super busy lives to study so hard — and give thanks to their community and family at that time in life when things are a little off balance — age 13.  I feel lucky and honored to be a part of any and all the traditions I am allowed to be a part of.  Now, let’s talk briefly on Hannah — she is an amazing, intelligent, kind-hearted beauty of a girl.  She has amazing friends and family that showered her in much deserved love.  She carried herself so confidently throughout the whole event.  She makes a great role model for the youngsters and makes the elders smile to no end.  Keep it up Hannah — you are rockin’ the house like nobody’s business.


ps. party photos to come soon!

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Boo-ya, Mill Valley!

These are our dear friends.  To say they are active is an understatement — I could not possibly take photographs of them just sitting still (although I did try… unscuessfully).  Instead, we ran, jumped, hiked and jumped some more.  Lots of love to you boys! xo

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